How to choose a Hybrid and Multi-Cloud CMP?

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How to choose a Hybrid and Multi-Cloud CMP?

While most enterprises and medium scale businesses have adopted cloud IaaS as part of their IT Infrastructure landscape, it is common knowledge that sizing, choice of public cloud provider and cost optimsation remains a challenge.

For applications that require data privacy, public cloud doesn’t serve the purpose so we opt for a Hybrid approach. All the data that requires On-prem setup and those that can be put on public or private cloud is extended from internal data centers to cloud IaaS through VPC networks. 

This does solve the problem of data security and privacy, but cloud infrastructure by no means is cheap so keeping costs low is another challenge that companies face on a regular basis.

How to solve the cost problem?

Each IaaS vendor offers multitude of infrastructure configurations and benefits, for example Google cloud GCP provides sustained usage discount. While this takes care of lowering costs is it the best option available to optimize? The answer is like in traditional procurement process the choice has to be made by comparison.

Most internal IT teams while knowledgable on technology is not usually competent in cost benefit analysis. So in order to lower costs and get to pick choose from multiple providers the best option, a cloud managment platform which can provide a dashboard of cost benefit analysis and saving opportunities is the way to go about solving the problem.

Evaluating Multi-cloud management Platform

To be able to administer and choose the right configuration and security in a single interface with options to choose, compare and visualize is a must for any cloud management platform. There are many options available to help manage the multi-cloud enviroment.

The key considerations to choosing the right CMP would be:

Easy governance and self service

The CMP should not add to the chaos of your cloud provider interface, simplification and easy information access should be primary consideration while choosing the right CMP.

Granular access control for varied roles within the organization
Every company has their heirarchy and workflow for administration and approvals. The system shoudl have a robust RBAC capability to be able to divide the resposibities of operations, finance and management.

Centralized management and reporting

A unified interface for understanding the various moving pieces of your infrastructure is key to successful management for service delivery. Every time there is an alert for action it should be easily accesible and precise root cause analysis and action advisory goes a long way in keeping a well oiled operational efficiency going.

Cost control and optimization insights

Identification of resource wastage and auto correction, self healing automations to enable smooth performaing infrastructure is a must. Cost overruns due to mis-managed infrastructure is a constant area of concern for the finance adminsitrators. Providing dashboard for click and manage cost optimization is a manadatory feature for any good CMP

Billing visibility and setting budget limits

Whenever cost overruns happen it is almost always is due to poor visibility and lack of controls. Resource shuffling is one of the key opportunities during non-productive period of business. On demand services such as AWS lambda or any serveless computing can avoid fixed provisioning of resources, thus relieving dependance on fixed compute dependance and cost saving.

Service health monitoring and alerting

Nothing compares to the nightmare of downtime escalation when business needs are at peak. Service health montoring should be inbuilt with clear failover protocols set in place. A clear DR strategy with either high availability setup or foolproof backup restoration should be possible through one-click mechnism within the CMP.

Security and cyber protection

Security is paramount to any successful cloud operation. Given the high incedence of hacking attempts cyber protection should be the first in checklist of items for zeroing in on the CMP. A 360° protection of all workloads, applications and systems should be inbuilt into the CMP
The right Hybrid and Multi Cloud Management platform could be a game changer for your organization. Splenta can help discover and implement the CMP platform that is best suited to your needs

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