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Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a staffing strategy that is used to allocate resources to a project from a business perspective. The strategy consists of assessing the current resources and conclude if supplementary expertise is needed.


Captive unit is a business entity of your company which functions remotely as a unit of its own while retaining the work liaison with your company. The cognition for their presence is the necessity to outsource explicit business processes to maximize the availability of regional workforce and expertise.


With permanent staffing solutions, you can approach the right skilled workforce you require to generate an enduring competitive edge. Seedstalk is distinctly placed to assist and ensure that your team has the right talent to accomplish your mission-critical projects, so you can concentrate more on business matters and not worry about the success of your projects.


Offshoring of projects has been the trend in recent years and is expected to grow in the near future. The key reason being the  evident financial edge attained by undertaking of projects offshore. Access to knowledgeable manpower is the reason why offshoring has become a reality.


Dedicated customer success managers

High success rate and low attrition

Short turn around time

Backed by industry experts

SkillBoost prior to on-boarding

High Return on Investment

AI Powered sourcing

Get best matched candidate profiles, based on your project needs vs candidate work history powered by artificial intelligence