Software Product Engineering

Plan, design, develop and optimize. Get ahead of the curve.

Enterprise application development

Our suite is designed to work as a base platform on which solutions can be tailored to suit the customer needs.

Our modular and scalable architecture helps address the need for rapid application development solutions with low learning curve and can be quickly customised to suit the business needs.


Recreate your business with  design and strategy innovation to approach a worthy, pleasant, indelible and marvellous digital transformation.

Our experts create UI-UX designs with brisk, unique design tools to give an edge for your future readiness.

mobile applications

Our ability with mobile apps development generates commitment, association and boosts brand recognition. We are your transformation companions to assist changing your business ideas into result oriented projects and enhance user experience.

omni channel commerce

We offer omni-channel retail solution with point of sale for store integrated with payment solutions, real time e-commerce connected to warehouse stock.

E-commerce systems connected to social platforms for selling and also to aggregators like Amazon or FlipKart.

Our platform provides smart pricing engine to push offer and discounts real time to across channels or specific channel or even a specific store.

Our platform’s open architecture offers integration to any back-office and warehousing system, but also a convenient coupling to our CUNUX SCM.

document management system

Splenta offers implementation and customisation of document management system for record management and customer data management.

We have expertise, integrating enterprise document management solution such as IBM Filenet, Nuxeo or open source DMS Alfresco

We help control the production, storage, management and distribution of electronic documents, yielding greater effectiveness and the ability to reuse information and to control the flow of the documents.

Wherever you are, we are with you.

Whichever stage of product development lifecycle you are in. Whether you’re just starting out your with your ideation or hashing out your MVP or you’re looking to adopt bleeding edge technologies, our product engineering experts have the advice, tools and technology you need.