Real time analytics in Supply chain management

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Supply disruption is the most challenging aspect of demand fulfilment. Resilience to supply shortfall is imperative to keeping businesses afloat and satisfying consumer needs.

It is especially evident during this period of uncertainty of COVID-19 when supply of medial supplies and essentials are not a thing to compromise upon.

Decision makers need to make instant decisions to redirect supply to places of shortfall and mitigate the ongoing crisis. 

The need to have a birds eye view of where lies what, to have an unobstructed view of the goods from production to distribution points is a must for thwarting supply disruptions. being agile and nimble in customer requirement management sets the business credibility high and increases customer confidence and loyalty.

Gain Visibility

Deriving visibility in a globally distributed procurement centres and production locations, any delays from source to outlet is a huge risk in a ensuring seamless supply.

With data being streamed round the clock any delays in putting the information in a precise and concise way to decision makers impacts reactivity and potential losses.

A system which can accurately produce data visualisation gives the edge needed to maintain agility.

Real time logistics visualisation

With a distributed network of global procurement and multi channel fulfilment, orchestrating an efficient logistics can only be made possible by having real time location information of inventory in transit. Any blockades or delays in supply, such as the event of suez canal blockade – finding alternate routes of maintaining supply while minimising both time and financial loss requires real time information. Data about supply routes, freight operators who can mobilise quickly, cost of logistics and available inventory are all factors which when visualised can make decision making easy when faced with a dilemma of deciding on alternate procurement and shipping.

Real time logistic visibility can also be used in domestic route planning and optimisation due to inefficient routes or blockades in earlier planned routes. Ensuring timely delivery is non negotiable for today’s age of digital consumers. High customer satisfaction is a proportional outcome to delivery on time.

Creating Efficient Supply chain

Key benefits to real time data analytics in supply chain

Greater visibility

Get control over fluctuating demand and supply disruptions to eliminate frantic fire fighting and pass critical information down the value chain real time

Faster reactivity

Make swifter decisions to changing dynamics. Untangle the chaos of disparate information. Use the most upto date and relevant information to base decisions upon.

Cost optimisation

Save costs improve bottom-line by mining cost optimisation strategies. Put in place fixes to supply disruptions to avoid opportunity losses

Elevated operational efficiency

Put people first, by anticipating and reacting efficiently to events that cause challenges. Train and put in place SOPs for effective management of problems. Giving right information to people improves productivity and avoids human errors and repetitive work.

Higher customer satisfaction

Meeting customer expectation and gaining repeat customers adds to the continual growth in revenue. Reacting to delays, addressing defects and maintaining traceability are key to high customer satisfaction

Splenta Supply Chain Management Solution provides real time data visualisation across the spectrum of operations

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