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ERP Customisation and Enhancement

One size doesn’t fit all. Thats right there is no magic in transforming your business to the be managed well. Every company needs to scale, provide stable and sustained profit. Startups need to scale, acquire customers rapidly. Business need to be agile. 

Stop waiting for IT to catch up with business speed.

After over two decades of implementing ERP, seeing failures as well as successes we have honed the art of customising leading ERP solutions for business of every type and scale. Choose your industry type on the right to know how we can help you implement an ERP solution thats right fit for you. 

Struggling with your current ERP Solution?

Our team of ERP expert consultants can improve your user experience and cut down the complexities. Don’t worry your ERP will still do all what it does!



Internal ERP reporting tools just doesn’t cut it anymore? Add state of the art BI and analytics to your ecosystem with minimal effort and cost.


Enhance your ERP Implementation from a simple transactional system to a more robust process driven system. Add a Business Process Management (BPM) to your existing ERP 

Mobile Interfaces

In today’s mobile world tying your business users to their desk just so we could capture data is beyond ridiculous. With platforms such as Flutter which can create beautiful native apps, let our mobile developers help you add an intuitive mobile application to your existing ERP

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Do you want to set up a new warehouse or install new logistics systems? Then you can rely on the ERP Implementation services from Splenta. We are with you all the way, from consulting through planning to implementation of your project. 

Working with us, you get a seasoned professional with hands on expertise in warehousing and  logistics by your side. With you, we define your warehousing and logistics goals and start planning your system based on your objectives.

ERP Consulting

With Professionals having two decades of experience implementing ERP of various scales and nature, Splenta ERP consultants understand every nuance and pitfalls in undertaking an ERP roll-out. 

We know that several ERP implementation efforts had met with failures by learning from these past experiences we can get industry standard practises and processes adapted to your business and ensure fastest time to Go Live. We also ensure hand holding of your business teams to ensure maximum favourable outcomes.


Learn how we helped top Companies gain success.

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