When demand outpaces supply, you need the right system to help bridge the widening gap. With Cunux SCM in your arsenal you can get ahead and deliver with planning and precision. Reduce supply disruptions, increase fulfilment rate and save costs.

Real Time Inventory

Get real time visibility of all stock information in any part of your warehouse as well as transit zones.

cold storages

Achieve 100% traceability without need for human presence with equipment that operate upto -40°C


Achieve high TAT for every order that is put through for dispatch. Optimize picking and packing time using hand held UHF Readers.

high roi

With reusable waterproof passive RF tag based inventory management. Prevent stock loss and achieve significant high cost savings on operations.

Features and Benefits


Scalable multi warehouse operations across multiple geographies can be achieved with single instance. All good movements between warehouses and zones have seamless traceability.


Flexible deployment options in three modes
1. On demand managed instances
2. Self hosted and managed cloud docker containers
3. On premises hosted instances for highest data security.


Highly customisable to add any number of additional features by end users as well as channel partners. Configure your own algorithms to process any workflow.


Open Architecture with easy REST based API based integrations with remote processes for batch processing, analytics or other ERP and Financial Systems

Efficient and Flexible Inventory Process


Quick goods receipt by scanning at dock, Information of the goods that arrived at the warehouse is input into WMS at one go.

RFID tags are permanently embedded in the pallet, as the pallets are relocated to the bins, the locations are auto captured and input into the warehouse. This requires hardly any manual intervention, thus having high accuracy of stock locations and available inventory.

Inbound Zone Transfers

The goods are handed over from a receiving zone to a storage zone

The pallet passes through the boundaries & it is automatically detected from the installed RFID gantries

Zone transfer is electronically processed. When a pallet enters the wrong zone boundary, an alert is triggered


After the pallet has been transferred to the pallet zone, it is putaway into a rack location

The lift rack is fitted with a vehicle mounted computer & mobile RFID reader at the mask area and individual rack locations are lined with RFID location tags

The location tag is read and putaway operation is automatically processed when the pallet is placed into the rack location

System alerts the operator when an inappropriate operation is performed.

Location Transfer

As part of warehouse house-keeping, a pallet may be transferred from one location to another

The lift truck automatically detects the pallet and the location tag and checks for operation validation

The system validates the pallet against its new location which will update is performed automatically when the pallet is brought to its new location


The items which must be picked from storage location & Pick tasks are automatically distributed to the lift truck’s computer screens eliminating the need for paper work when goods are ordered from the customer

Pick task confirmation is updated in real-time when the system scans the pallet and location tags

System detects and validates the pallet and location, transfers the picked inventory to the destination pallet when loose items are to be picked

Zone Transfer

The picked items are transferred from the storage zone to the shipment zone via a handover process

Zone transfer is automatically processed when a picked pallet passes through the handover gantry

When a picked pallet is illegally transferred, an alert is triggered


Goods are loaded into the vehicle & shipped out of the warehouse and delivered to the customer’s destination

A vehicle with a RFID tag attached is automatically detected when it approaches the loading bay

Outbound pallet passes through a shipment gantry as they are loaded into the truck

The pallets are automatically tallied and a shipment confirmation is automatically updated to the system

System manifest is then automatically printed. The user is alerted when a wrong pallet is being loaded into the wrong vehicle preventing erroneous shipments

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