Consulting Services


Our team of experienced Enterprise Architects, Program Managers, and seasoned developers help companies navigate the chaos, improve performance, and achieve their visions.

Utilising expertise in both business and IT, they work hand in hand with business leaders across the organisation—ranging from team leads, chief managers, to IT staff and functional experts, to gain a thorough understanding of business strategy, processes, goals, and visions.

They create alignment and effectiveness by building linkages between your business and the technical delivery team. And they’re highly effective at doing this as a result of their unique blend of Architecture and Integration expertise, along with taking a practical approach to Business Architecture, Information Architecture, Application Architecture, and Infrastructure Architecture.


When the managing team in an organisation is mostly functional and unable to keep up with technology leaps and adoption due to limited time and technology capacity, companies are often left with inefficient legacy systems.

On demand scaling of technology to match the growing business needs becomes often difficult. Splenta’s expert consultants can augment and prioritise the technology leads to match with business agility. We help define optimal roadmaps for technology adoption, deferring unstable and nascent technologies and adopting the right blend of technologies to stay ahead of the competition.


We provide comprehensive management and coordination of all project activities. We oversight and coordinate the efforts of all members of the Project Team in order to enable the client to achieve maximum quality and value.

Project managers aid in understanding the needs and drafting detailed RFI, RFQ, RFP for clients to ensure a detailed tender and evaluation is compiled. We use various tools like, Microsoft Project, Visio, BPM Modelers to build, check, and update the programs.

Free Consultation For Your Digital Transformation

We will do a full review and present you with an As is study report and present you with roadmap to digital transformation or application modernisarion