Cognitive wrappers for enterprise application with machine learning. Increase productivity and mine new business opportunities. Save costs on routine tasks by adopting artificial intelligence.

Why Bots?

With today’s evolution of intelligent systems based on machine learning and automation, bot have become integral part of any application. It adds value by doing routine operational processes without having to be aided.

Bots can also be attended bots which are guided by human experts where necessary. Robotic Process Automation have bots which can automate mundane jobs, making people and workforce more productive.

A chatbot which responds to speech Intents and provide Intelligent spoken responses based on training phrases helps cut down laborious data input processes thus significantly reducing turn around time for problem resolution.

AiLeap - Cognitive Interfaces

Facial Recognition

Password Less Authentication

AiLeap adds facial recognition with Microsoft Face API to existing authentication systems and popular Identity access management systems. Password less authentication help cut down employee dependance on unsecure passwords.

NLP Chatbots

Conversation with Voice

Chatbots as an interface to existing applications is a quick enhancement that leads to a lot of productivity improvement. In today’s fast paced environment every minute saved interacting with systems produces massive boost in revenue. AiLeap’s cognitive wrappers latches on to existing interfaces to feed data through voice without modifying the current system.


Machine Learning

AI which enables smart applications

AiLeap’s inbuilt machine learning interface when acts as a middleware between cognitive wrapper and the underlying enterprise system, this gives the advantage to implement predictive event triggers. Whenever an outcome accelerator is encountered an automated event is triggered to prompt a user action for fulfilment.

Cognitive Voice Wrapper

Remember trying to interact with apps with popup windows and cumbersome user interfaces. Remember being put on hold forever for customer support to come and attend to your compliant? 

Time to say good bye to these inefficient means of communication.

AiLeap brings cognitive speech wrappers to existing applications to make the user experience painles

AI Enhanced Processes

It is obvious that an alert has to be sent to a higher authority when a ticket is open for over 24 hours!

No your system is not programmed to handle such a thing.

Here is where AiLeap comes into play AiLeap can latch on to any system and start learning the exception flows, when a workflow is stuck it can take corrective action through machine learning or suggest alternate flows. 

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