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The cost benefit ratio of automating an enterprise is achieved only by expert understanding of process automation. Most often time and effort are lost during the pre-launch decision making and customization of solution to meet the expectations of the enterprise. The integration with multitude of legacy systems and third party systems also lead to the lag and in-efficiency of enterprise automation. Our domain experts across eash industry vertical help achieve the right balance of enabling, replacing and integration of systems across multiple departments and channels.


At Splenta, the use of our project management skills and methodologies will help to ensure that your project meets the expectations of your internal customers and management, are delivered on schedule and within budget, and make the best use of your valuable resources.

We make it a point to see that the service of implementation that we provide is tailored to meet your requirements. We also keep analyzing to see if there are any chances of further improvement and also utilize these chances to the maximum.Splenta has a dedicated expert team who are capable of implementing quality solutions for your business - be it a small firm or a large corporate.


We at Splenta recogonize the fact that there cannot be a 'one size fits all' solution. Our suite is designed to work as a base platform on which solutions can be tailored to suit the customer needs. Our modular and scalable architecture helps address the need for rapid application development. Our solutions have very low learning curve, even a young lean team of developers can quickly get started to customize the product to suit the company needs.

Though the suite is easy to learn, develop, maintain, expert help is always the best approach to a faster and risk free usage of the products. Reach us or find a suitable partner closest to you to make you implementation an easy and stress free one.


Big Data, Cloud Computing, Advanced Mobile Applications, Business Intelligence with Real Time Analytics

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