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Program Accelerate Advisory Consulting

Executive advisory and mentorship services: It's no secret that a successful organization depends on its technical leaders. Having an objective viewpoint to discuss C-level technical issues and concerns can prove an invaluable resource for any executive.

Technology Consulting Services

Transitional input and support: Implementing and/or upgrading systems within an organization can be a challenge for any company. Our professional team will offer the input and support you need to streamline the transition so your staff can get back to business quickly. Exploring latest in technology and embracing the new can be arduos and resource consuming. We offer Digital Advisory services to help your company adopt new technology and help serve your customer better.

Cloud and Infrastructure Advisory Consulting

IT infrastructure management is indispensable for managing your IT resources efficiently. Its efficiency helps you to cut down the IT costs by tackling all the required processes and equipments. It is crucial for every business enterprise to ascertain that its IT infrastructure is in the best condition but, it is quite difficult to manage your IT infrastructure on your own.

Therefore, you need to have the perfect blend of people, technology and processes. Through its management, you can easily align your IT systems with the objectives of your business. IT infrastructure management offers various services such as tackling and monitoring of company's servers, databases, networks and applications. With these services, you can restructure your IT operations for ITIL standards and thus, manage these costs and operations with much flexibility.

Our Cloud and Infrastructure management services help companies optimize and manage their complex SLAs (Service Level Agreements) efficiently. What make this management so important and popular these days are its large numbers of advantages. These services optimize your IT infrastructure in order to meet all your business needs. They bring about 20-30 percent reduction in the costs of your IT operations.

Process Optimization Consulting

Our expert team will be able to quickly evaluate your company's internal processes and identity several solutions and strategies to make your employees as efficient and effective as possible. Some innovative vendors will also evaluate your current quality assurance process and make suggestions as needed. From database systems to cloud capabilities, you'll receive all the data you need to make the most informed decision possible.

Change Management Consulting

Change management is about influencing the majority to positively accept and commit emotionally to the change. Many of the issues arising as a response to change can be real or perceived and are closely related in a cause and effect network.

Either way, they need to be addressed to avoid resistance or rejection of the change. This requires a combination of communication, understanding, mentoring, coaching and general support with the aim of building trust. It is from this position of trust that the task of building the work culture required for successful information management begins. The '4 Cs' of change management help us think about the change from an effected user point of view. Our functional experts can help do a smooth transition through change management consulting.

Expense Management Consulting

If you're considering optimizing your organization spending and gaining a long term sustainable growth based on spend reduction, there are many factors to consider, manage and track throughout the process. Outsourcing this critical occurrence can quickly free up your time and also guarantee bottom line improvement on every level.


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